Past Property Projects

Here are some properties that we helped sellers find solutions for.

In all shape, sizes and conditions.

Chesterfield, VA

This was a rental property for some time after the owner married.  Not long after the owner decided that being a landlord wasn’t what she wanted to do.  We purchased the home, updated it and later sold it to a new family.

Goochland, VA

Sellers were building a new home and couldn’t afford both of them. We bought this one so they could finish their new home and allowed them to stay here until their new home was complete.

Dinwiddie, VA

The elderly owner of this home sadly passed away and her daughter was trying to deal with everything from across the country.  We were able to make a fair offer that allowed us to completely renovate the home and sell it to a new family.

Hopewell, VA

Foreclosure property that was vacant for some time. The previous owner tried to renovate the home but found out that this one was too far over his head.  We purchased and completely rehabbed the home and is now being enjoyed by a new family.

Lawrenceville, VA

This home was left to heirs after the family patriarch passed away.  It had been vacant for years and was in need of some TLC.  We bought this home and then the seller financed the sale to another investor who has since completely renovated it. 

Richmond, VA

The seller had to sell this house after their elderly mother passed away. We were able to negotiate a creative way for the heirs to avoid the tax burden of the sale of the home. 

We helped the sellers find a buyer so they did not have to keep making payments on a property they could no longer afford or keep up with.

This home was in need of some love that the owner was unable to afford. We were able to help the sellers find a buyer!

A family inherited this large home but did not want it. We were able to help them find a buyer for this one so they could get cash quickly.

This house had been vacant for a long time, and in need of significant repairs but was in a great location. We were able to help the seller find a buyer so they didn’t have to pay taxes on it anymore.

Bought this home then financed it to a new well deserving family.

An investor bought this home and quickly realized that they were over their head with the needed renovations. We helped the seller find a buyer for this property so that they could get cash quickly.

This property was a long term rental and the owner was hesitant to sell due to the tax liability he would face.  We structured a deal to help him mitigate the taxes and he was able to sell it for more than he even wanted.